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Date Posted:12/31/2019 9:47 PMCopy HTML



Damian Lillard

Jimmy Butler

Jayson Tatum

Devonte Graham

Ja Morant



Buddy Hield

Gary Payton II

Bogdan Bogdanovic


Non players:

Danilo Gallinari

Josh Hart

DeAndre Jordan

Darruis Garland



Karl Anthony Towns
Jrue Holiday
Bam Adebayo
Nikola Vucevic
Alec Burks

Jaren Jackson Jr
Bojan Bogdanovic
TJ Warren

Kris Dunn
Willie Cauley Stein
Caris LeVert
Thomas Bryant
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Re:Todd vs Curtis(4-2-1)

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It doesn't matter if Karl Anthony Towns plays or not.  I'll win.

If Towns is OUT, I'll win 4-2-1.

With Jaren Jackson Jr & Kris Dunn moving up; I'll lose Assists & Steals, tie in 3's.

If Towns plays, with zero stats, I'll win 4-3 by tie break.  Won FG%, rebounds & Points; Tied in blocks.

To lose FG%, Towns will have to shoot Zero for 19.

Towns needs 3 3's, 3 steals and 1 block to win the Cat.

Aside from Tatum (who he just traded) and Morant/Hield, the rest of his team had a very bad 1st game, very bad.

Including his brand new pickup, the "Baby Glove".  Maybe, should have waited until the glove got to "Toddler" size.

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Re:Todd vs Curtis(4-2-1)

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