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STANDINGS *tiebreakers applied

1) Kyle/Wyatt 18-4

2) Todd 13-9*

3) Mark 13-9*

4) Bruce 12-10**

5) Curtis 12-10**

6) Ivan 11-11***

7) Keith 11-11***

8) Nick 10-12****

9) Tim 10-12****

10) Harry 9-13

11) Eric 8-14

12) Erik 5-17

*Todd takes 2nd over Mark based on 2nd tiebreaker, win % of all categories in all games

**Bruce takes 4th over Curtis based on 1st tiebreaker, winning head-to-head series 2-0

***Ivan takes 6th over Keith based on 2nd tiebreaker, win % of all categories in all games

****Nick takes 8th over Tim based on 2nd tiebreaker, win % of all categories in all games

WEEK 1 (10/16-10/22)

Harry vs Curtis(4-3)
Erik vs Mark(4-3)
Kyle/Wyatt vs Ivan(5-2)
Keith(4-3) vs Tim
Nick(4-2-1) vs Todd
Eric vs Bruce(5-2)

WEEK 2 (10/23-10/29)
Erik vs Harry(4-3)
Curtis vs Ivan(5-2)
Mark vs Kyle/Wyatt(4-3)
Bruce(7-0) vs Nick
Todd(5-1-1) vs Keith
Tim(5-2) vs Eric

WEEK 3 (10/30-11/5) Double-header #1
Game 1
Mark(5-2) vs Curtis
Ivan vs Harry(4-3)
Kyle/Wyatt(4-3) vs Erik
Nick(4-2-1) vs Tim
Bruce(4-3) vs Todd
Eric vs Keith(6-0-1)

Game 2
Ivan vs Mark(4-3)
Curtis(6-1) vs Erik
Harry vs Kyle/Wyatt(4-3)
Bruce(5-2) vs Tim
Nick vs Keith(4-2-1)
Todd(4-3) vs Eric

WEEK 4 (11/6-11/12)
Kyle/Wyatt vs Curtis(4-3, 1st tie-breaker)

Mark(6-1) vs Harry
Erik vs Ivan(5-2)

Tim(4-3) vs Todd
Keith(4-3) vs Bruce
Nick vs Eric(4-3)

WEEK 5 (11/13-11/19) Double-header #2
Game 1
Eric vs Curtis(5-2)

Bruce vs Mark(7-0)

Todd(5-2) vs Erik
Tim(5-2) vs Ivan
Nick vs Kyle/Wyatt(4-3)

Harry vs Keith(4-3)

Game 2
Mark vs Nick(4-3)

Kyle/Wyatt(5-2) vs Tim
Harry(4-3) vs Todd
Curtis(5-2) vs Keith
Ivan(4-3) vs Bruce
Erik(4-3) vs Eric

WEEK 6 (11/20-11/26)
Tim vs Curtis(5-2)

Keith(4-3) vs Mark
Eric(4-3) vs Harry
Nick(4-3) vs Erik
Todd(4-3) vs Ivan
Kyle/Wyatt(6-1) vs Bruce

WEEK 7 (11/27-12/3) Double-header #3
Game 1

Tim vs Mark(6-1)

Bruce(4-3) vs Harry
Keith vs Erik(4-3)

Eric(5-2) vs Ivan
Todd vs Kyle/Wyatt(6-1)

Curtis vs Nick(4-3)

Game 2
Todd vs Curtis(4-3)

Tim(4-2-1) vs Harry
Keith vs Kyle/Wyatt(6-1)

Ivan(5-2) vs Nick
Erik(6-1) vs Bruce
Mark(5-2) vs Eric

WEEK 8 (12/4-12/10)

Eric(6-1) vs Kyle/Wyatt
Harry vs Nick(3-2-2)

Erik vs Tim(4-3)

Mark(4-3) vs Todd
Ivan(5-2) vs Keith
Curtis vs Bruce(4-3)

WEEK 9 (12/11-12/17) Double-header #4
Game 1
Harry vs Curtis(4-3)

Erik vs Mark(4-3)

Kyle/Wyatt(6-1) vs Ivan
Keith(5-1-1) vs Tim
Nick vs Todd(5-2)
Eric vs Bruce(4-3)

Game 2
Erik vs Harry(4-3)

Curtis(5-2) vs Ivan
Mark vs Kyle/Wyatt(5-2)

Bruce vs Nick(6-0-1)

Todd(4-2-1) vs Keith
Tim(5-1-1) vs Eric

WEEK 10 (12/18-12/24)
Mark(5-2) vs Curtis
Ivan vs Harry(5-2)
Kyle/Wyatt(4-3) vs Erik
Nick vs Tim(4-2-1)

Bruce vs Todd(4-3)

Eric vs Keith(4-3)

WEEK 11 (12/25-12/31)
Ivan(6-1) vs Mark
Curtis(6-1) vs Erik
Harry(4-3) vs Kyle/Wyatt
Bruce(4-3) vs Tim
Nick(4-3) vs Keith
Todd(6-1) vs Eric

WEEK 12 (1/1-1/7)
Kyle/Wyatt(4-3) vs Curtis
Mark(5-2) vs Harry
Erik vs Ivan(5-2)

Tim vs Todd(6-1)

Keith vs Bruce
Nick(4-3) vs Eric

WEEK 13 (1/8-1/14) Double-header #5
Game 1
Eric(5-2) vs Curtis
Bruce(4-3) vs Mark
Todd(4-3) vs Erik
Tim(4-3) vs Ivan
Nick vs Kyle/Wyatt(6-1)

Harry(5-2) vs Keith

Game 2
Mark(4-3) vs Nick
Kyle/Wyatt(4-3) vs Tim
Harry vs Todd(4-3)
Curtis(4-3) vs Keith
Ivan(4-2-1) vs Bruce
Erik vs Eric(5-2)

WEEK 14 (1/15-1/21)
Tim(5-2) vs Curtis
Keith vs Mark(5-2)

Eric(6-1) vs Harry
Nick(6-1) vs Erik
Todd vs Ivan(5-2)

Kyle/Wyatt(4-3) vs Bruce

WEEK 15 (1/22-1/28) Double-header #6
Game 1
Tim(4-3) vs Mark
Bruce(4-3) vs Harry
Keith(4-3, 1st tiebreaker) vs Erik
Eric vs Ivan(5-2)

Todd vs Kyle/Wyatt(4-3)

Curtis(4-3) vs Nick

Game 2
Todd(4-3) vs Curtis
Tim vs Harry(6-0-1)

Keith vs Kyle/Wyatt(3-2-2)

Ivan(4-3, 1st tiebreaker) vs Nick
Erik vs Bruce(4-2-1)

Mark vs Eric(6-1)

WEEK 16 (1/29-2/4)
Eric vs Kyle/Wyatt(5-2)

Harry(4-2-1) vs Nick
Erik vs Tim -- no game report, both owners given losses
Mark vs Todd(6-1)

Ivan vs Keith(4-3)

Curtis vs Bruce(4-3)

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