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Date Posted:01/13/2021 10:46 PMCopy HTML

Post away!

Soooooo glad Harden finally got moved.  I watched at least part of every Rockets game they've televised and it was almost painful to see how the team deferred to fat but still ball-hoggy, no-defense or motivation Harden.  You could see the frustration as Harden dribbled out the shot clock on almost every possession.  I'm excited to see what Wall, Cousins, Wood and now Oladipo can do as the Rockets' core. 

Big ass trade.  I think every player involved(except maybe LeVert) lost at least a little bit of fantasy value, with Harden losing the least, assuming Irving plays hoops again this season.  Oladipo might be okay, too, since he contributes on D and can be a part-time distributor.  Poor Jarrett Allen who just got a starting C job and now he's a backup again.  If CLE intends on trading Drummond sometime before next season then Allen might eventually get a 50/50 timeshare -- more if Drummond starts pouting -- but I can't say this is ideal for him as far as fantasy goes, at least not in the short term, unless they play Allen some minutes at PF.

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