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ENTRY FEE - $50 per team.  Prize money is as follows:


1st Place/Overall - $500

2nd Place/Overall -  $100

Total Prize Money - $600

DRAFT - The draft order is determined by random draw.  It will be the draft order for rounds 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11.  Rounds 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 will be in reverse.  No salary cap.  Trading draft positions is allowed.  The draft will be held on Friday, December 18, 2020 @ 6pm HST.

2020-21 Draft Order:

1) Kyle/Wyatt

2) Curtis

3) Keith

4) Tim

5) Bruce

6) Mark

7) Harry

8) Todd

9) Ivan

10) Erik

11) Eric

12) Nick

REGULAR SEASON - This is a head-to-head "most-categories" league.  You play each team twice for a total of 22 games. 

There will be three "double-header" weeks where owners have to play two teams in two separate games.  Your player's 1st game of our week counts for your 1st game, and his 2nd for your 2nd.  If he only plays one game during our week, it counts for your 1st game and he's autosubbed out of your 2nd game.  One real-life game = one fantasy game; a single real-life game can never count for two fantasy games.  If a player is injured during his 1st game of the week, fails to play 70% of his current MPG and is autosubbed out, he is still eligible to play in your 2nd game.  If/when he returns later in the week and plays a full game, that game counts for your 2nd game.
Regular season begins on Tuesday, December 22, 2020.

PLAYOFFS - Playoffs will begin in week 16.  Top 8 regular season teams will make the playoffs.  A tie in overall record at the end of the regular season will be decided by 1) head-to-head record, 2) total categories won/lost in all games(or win %).

All rounds of the playoffs except the championship round will be single elimination.  The championship match will be a best-of-3, doubleheader format.

Week 16 - 1st round, single-elimination

Week 17 - 2nd round semifinals, single-elimination

Week 18 - Championship series Games 1 & 2

Week 19 - Championship series Game 3(if necessary)

LINEUPS/SCORING - Each team will start 8 players; 5 "starters" whose stats will count at 100% and 3 "bench" players, whose stats count at 50%.  There will be 7 statistical categories to compete in with 2 tie-breaking categories, and a team must win a majority of the 7 categories to win the game.  The stats are:

1. Scoring                             
2. Rebounding                
3. Assists                    
4. Steals
5. Blocked shots
6. 3-pointers made
7. Field goal percentage(total shots made ÷ total shots taken)

1st tie-breaker: Total free throws made
2nd tie-breaker: Total turnovers

The stats will be taken from each player's first game of our week.  Our week starts on Tuesday and ends on the following Monday.  All lineups must be reported to Eric(Cc Todd and Keith) by the start of the first NBA games every Tuesday(HST).

If there is ever a statistical discrepancy between any two website's box scores, we'll use as the default, unless it is obviously the site with the error.  In that instance we'll use

If there is a tie after all 7 stats are calculated, we will use total FTs made of your and your opponent's 8 starters as the 1st tie-breaker, and total TOs of your your opponent's 8 starters as the 2nd tie-breaker.  If the game is still locked after the 2nd tie-breaker, then it will be recorded as a tie.

INJURY/70%/AUTOSUB™ RULES - If a player fails to play in a game by our week's end for any reason, he is automatically subbed out of the lineup and everyone below him on your roster moves up one spot in the order that they were turned in, with their 1st game of the week counting.  This is referred to as an AUTOSUB™.   All players, whether they miss their NBA team's 1st game of our week due to injury, illness, suspension, benching, personal problems, recent trade or rest, are all given our entire week to play their 1st game.

If one of your starters sustains an injury during his first game of the week(the injury must be reported by a credible source) and fails to complete at least 70% of his current season’s average minutes-per-game, then he is autosubbed out of the lineup.  Players who are ejected for any reason -- flagrant foul(s), fighting, double-techs, etc -- are also eligible for the 70% Rule.

Players that are playing with preexisting injuries are treated the same as healthy players; if they play less than 70% of their average mpg there needs to be a credible report of a re-injury or new injury forcing them out of the game to be eligible for the 70% rule and subsequent autosub.  Having your minutes monitored by the coaching staff because you're still gimpy isn't the same as being forced out of a game because of re-injury.

Players who get their minutes cut for performance, match up or age-related reasons are ineligible for the 70% Rule.  You have to take whatever stats they get in however short an amount of time they play.  Non-performance-related benchings will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
FREE AGENT BOARD - Unrostered players can be acquired via the Free Agent Board.  The board is open 24/7.  You must wait 24 hours to pick up a newly dropped player.

Only one transaction can be made per new thread/topic created.  If you want to add/drop three players, you must make three separate new threads.  No adding/dropping multiple players with a single post.  This gives everyone a fair shot at every player. 

A newly acquired free agent must make a minimum of two roster appearances before he can be dropped again(rosters officially lock in every Tuesday @ 12pm HST).  However, he is eligible for trade immediately.  The two-appearance minimum does not transfer over to his new owner and the player may be dropped immediately from his new team.  A newly acquired free agent may also be dropped before his two-appearance minimum in order to make the 12-player roster limit or salary cap in a multiple-for-1 trade.

If you wish to include a newly acquired player in your weekly lineup, the acquisition must be completed and posted by Tuesday @ 12 pm and Wednesday @ 12 pm HST for the 2nd games of double-headers.

TRADES - Trades can be made any time before our trade deadline.  A team must always remain at or under 13-player roster limit.  Multiple-for-1 trades can be done by waiving as many players as you need to to keep your roster at/under 13.  Owners are allowed to have less than 13 players on their rosters.  

If you wish to include a newly acquired player in your lineup on Tuesday, the trade must be completed and posted by Tuesday @ 12 pm HST.

The commissioner(s) can reverse any trade that appears extremely unbalanced or collusive.  This is not to say that every trade has to be perfectly "equal" or "fair" as only the owners involved in the trade can decide what that is, but swapping Karl Anthony Towns for Austin Rivers, Miles Plumlee and a couple other guys just like them because Towns' owner "needs depth" isn't going to fly.

- Eric is the commissioner for this league.  If you need a ruling or have a question, please contact him via e-mail or our league website.  Check our website frequently to keep up with announcements, trades and free agent pickups.

Everyone must e-mail their lineups to Eric(Cc Todd and Keith) every Tuesday by the start of the day's first NBA games.  If a lineup is not submitted then the previous week's line-up will be used.  Also, report/confirm game results ASAP so the standings can be updated.  If both owners fail to turn in the results for any week by the time playoff seedings need to be done, both teams will be given losses

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