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Date Posted:11/06/2019 2:57 AMCopy HTML


Antetokounmpo, Giannis
Fox, De'Aaron
Barnes, Harrison
Middleton, Khris
VanVleet, Fred

Issac, Jonathan
Alexander-Walker, Nickell
Patterson, Patrick for Turner, Myles

Bridges, Mikal
George, Paul
Oladipo, Victor



James Harden

Donovan Mitchell

Kyrie Irving

Chris Paul

Brandon Ingram


Mike Conley

Dennis Schroder

Spencer Dinwiddie


Andrew Wiggins

Jeremy Lamb

Gary Harris

JJ Redick

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Re:Harry vs Bruce(5-1-1)

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Got my ass kick. Patterson moves up for Turner. I lose 5-1-1. I only managed to take rebounds. Tied in blks. Bruce scored 167 points this week. Ugh
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Re:Harry vs Bruce(5-1-1)

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The question is how much did you score?  Your prized free agent acquisition Patterson's 2 points couldn't have helped.
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Re:Harry vs Bruce(5-1-1)

Date Posted:11/18/2019 7:48 AMCopy HTML

That’s confirmed
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